Network Solutions

"Making complex technologies simple."

Network Management

End users are not frequently made aware of the full potential of the built-in management and reporting capabilities of such Internetworking devices as switches and routers when they are implemented. Our Internetworking Architects and Consultants will help you to better empower your business by leveraging the information provided by this high-end technology. Through Network Management, we will enable you to successfully plan network capacity, improve fault management and fine-tune network performance. In addition, we will help you to cost effectively implement out-of-band management techniques that will allow critical console access to network devices even in cases of network failure or downtime.

Switched Network Design

IMMENCE Internetworking Architects and Consultants design and implement state of the art switched networks to exploit advances in quality of service, multi-layer switching, security and increased bandwidth. Poorly implemented switched networks can be performance inhibitors interfering with application performance, user experience, enterprise profitability and productivity. We will, therefore, evaluate your current switched infrastructure with respect to the implementation of Spanning Tree Protocol, 802.1q and ISL trunking, QoS and 802.1p. Fine-tuning of these technologies will frequently result in remarkable improvement in network performance and stability, eliminating the need of expensive forklift upgrades.

Wireless Networking

Wireless LANs have the capability of transforming the workplace, providing network connectivity in places where it was previously very difficult to connect. Our Internetworking Architects and Consultants can assist your organization in understanding industry standards and make difficult technology choices easy. We will then collaborate with you to implement a robust and secure wireless LAN solution to meet needs of your organization