Technology Committment

"Making complex technologies simple"

Immence Technology Committment

As a full-service technology partner, we assist clients in all phases of the information technology lifecycle. Clients repeatedly rely upon our solutions, our "best practices" approach, and our first-hand knowledge of their enterprise environment. This broad range of services and technical specialization is unified and delivered under a relationship management model and defines a unique value proposition.

Our technical staff is expertly versed on today's most powerful technologies, while keeping alert to the technologies of the future. We conduct extensive research to assess that your current processes represent the most effective integration of technology and business resources. We apply our technical and business strengths and develop, based upon your business objectives, cost-effective solutions with long-term benefits to your operations and client relationships.

We are the Business partners of Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Canon, APC and deals with all of the leading providers of Enterprise-level technologies, including Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, IBM, , HP, Dell, Intel, AMP, AMD, D-Link, Epson, Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba, Acer, Wipro, Sony, Lumens and a host of others.